Go beyond your social media goals with one on one consulting.

Social media marketing is a machine with many moving parts. If any single part is out of line, your efforts are more likely to fail, costing you time and money.


Learning how to successfully leverage social media for your business or organisation is a process of trial and error. It takes time to trawl through Google to learn, and it can cost money when your ads don’t convert. The difference between an on-the-fly attempt at running Facebook ads VS using a proven strategy is the same as gambling VS investing.


Our consulting service will dive deep into your business and tell you exactly what is needed, so your money and time is being invested into achieving results. There’s no magic pill here. Advertising and marketing for conversions requires a comprehensive strategy that is tailored for your objectives.


Here’s an overview of what our consulting package includes:


* Expert advice, tailored to your business

* The exact strategy we use for our clients (what’s our roi)

* Step by step guide + videos so you have no “tech-headaches”

* Batman 24/7 email service

* Up to date, fresh Industrial secrets

* Audiences

* Weekly copywriting + creative advice

* Split testing made easy

* 2 consulting calls per month

* Pixel magic and retargeting guide

* Website and conversion audits


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