Conversion Focused Advertising

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Boost Your Social Presence, Drive Traffic, and Increase Conversions.


Social Media Advertising can be time consuming and overwhelming. This causes many businesses and organisations to forgo a large chunk of their market share, to the delight of their competitors. But when the process is executed correctly, it provides scalable results unlike any medium we’ve seen before.


The 5 major benefits of social media advertising are laser targeted audiences, dynamic feedback, owning your data, scalability whilst simultaneously building your brand.


1. Laser Targeted Audiences - locate your market inside Facebook’s 2 billion person network, so you don’t waste money talking to people who aren’t interested in your product or service.


2. Dynamic Feedback - With social media, you’re learning how your audience is responding in real time. This makes it easy to test different avenues and placements for the most effective results.


3. Pixel + Retargeting - Retarget traffic that visited your website or viewed specific products and services, but for whatever reason didn’t convert into a transaction.


4. Scalability - Accurate tracking and advanced algorithms allow you to scale winning campaigns without having to guess. This means you only invest ad spend when you know your campaign is profitable.  


5. Branding + Following - When social media advertising is done correctly, the content should increase conversions and deliver independent value to the audience which result in likes, shares and comments for a stronger brand.


With over 25+ years of combined social media advertising experience, we’ve created a proven 15 step system that we use to increase conversions for our clients and partners. Here's what your campaigns would look like...


15 Steps for Conversion Focused Ad Campaigns


  1. Get Specific and Clear on the Objective

  2. Provide Website, Sales Page, Lead Capture Audit

  3. Make Audit Changes

  4. Install Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Tracking

  5. Market Research

  6. Strategic Overview For Approval

  7. Audience Creation

  8. Source / Create Relevant Images and Videos

  9. Write Copy

  10. Ad Creation across multiple platforms

  11. Split Test - audiences / images / copy

  12. Data analysation

  13. Optimisation - Changing and tweaking ads and audiences for optimal results

  14. Scale - Increasing the budget and maximising ROI on winning campaigns

  15. Retarget - Reengaging potential customers who view specific products / services but didn’t convert.

  16. Bonus Step - Wash Rinse Repeat.


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