Content Driven Branding


Engage Your Audience, Create Awareness, And Increase Brand Equity For Long term ROI


The default mindset of most businesses trying to leverage social media, is approaching it with a “me me me” attitude.


“How do I talk about me, my company, and my services?”


As a result, companies committing this crime repel their audience. We call it the “Social Media Trap”.


In order to be social, a conversation must go both ways. There must be a give and take.


Imagine a cocktail party where you meet someone who is constantly talking about themselves: who they are, what they do best and why you should be their friend.


We’d give up our first born child to avoid this person.


Social media done correctly will create awareness, build brand equity, strengthen customer loyalty and improve the long term ROI of your organisation.


What does social media done correctly look like?


At the core of all impactful media is human emotion. To build a significant social presence you must share content that evokes an emotional response and moves your audience in a positive way:


  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Educate
  • Desire
  • Humour
  • Hope
  • Relate to (Empathy)


If you can imagine the association your audience will feel towards your brand when your content is consistently lighting up their emotions with any of the feelings listed above.


The most effective way to evoke an emotional response is through the vehicle of storytelling. The stories you tell will depend on the organisation you run, your ultimate mission and the audience you serve.


The prerequisite for achieving what’s listed above includes great content, explicit context and it must be deployed to the right audience at the right time.Here’s how we can achieve that for you.


Our Content Driven Branding Campaign Package Includes:


  • Full Awareness Strategy Mapped Out

  • Audience Research

  • Custom audience builds for market segments

  • Content Planning

  • Create and Source Images

  • Create and Source Videos

  • Copywriting For Context

  • Scheduling and Publishing

  • Paid Media Creation

  • Split Testing Content to Find Optimal Messages For Multiple Audiences

  • Split Testing Content to Find Optimal Visuals

  • Split Testing Content to Find Optimal Placements

  • Engaging Audience On Posts

  • Demographic Audience Breakdowns - what subsection of the audience performs best - age/sex, behaviour, interests, devices, placements

  • Creating The Necessary Changes For Optimisation

  • Scaling

  • Monitoring Campaigns Daily

  • Reengaging Interested people with more content

  • Reporting


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